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Summer Stygian

Name: Summer Stygian

Month of Birth:7/20

Race: Divine Elf [undead]

Parents: Mother: ???, Father: ???

Favorite food: She loves steak but unlike Nemesis, she likes eating a salad as a balance

Favorite color: Emerald Green and Peach.

Hobbies: She loves flying and seeing the world without war. (She loves teasing Nem).

Dislikes: Mind control spells and any form of slavery.


Known by history as the Second coming of the hero, known by the holy kingdom as Divine the true Paladin, Known by most races and the white genocide, and known by those who truly know her as Summer, she spends most of her days supporting Nemesis after his right hand Sin left to govern his kingdom and the rest of the lords also left to do there own things. Her feelings for Nemesis are uncertain to anyone but herself she knows what she wants but because of her past she doesn’t believe she deserves it so for now she stands by his side. 

Because of her actions during the holy war most of the races have a strong distaste for her including some in the kings Gaurd though many might not like her, they have to respect

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  1. Noir is best girl

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