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The Dragon’s Sin_Of_Pride

Name:The Dragon’s Sin_Of_Pride.(Just call him Sin)

Month of Birth: 11/23

Race: Hybrid [Half Dragon-Half Demon]

Parents: Mother, Karu The Queen of Hell, Father, Dandrei The Last King of Dragons

Favorite food: Loves Japanese Curry Chickens & Rice, and sake.

Favorite colour: Red just red he doesn’t care once it’s red.

Hobbies: Though he says he loves sparing, he loves parting.

Dislikes: Anyone disrespecting his friends (He’s a bit of a softy).


If you said this young prince had an easy life you’d be wrong. When he was young, his mother sent him to the mortal realm, where he learned to survive and when to choose his fights, unlike Nemesis, who’d fight any battle in front of him. Sin is much more tactical and would rather bring his people in alive than win a battle.
Because of this, there was a bit of a divide between the citizens; some chose to go to New Japan led by him even though they hadn’t spoken in 5 years. They sent each other gifts for each other birthdays. He knows Nemesis would rather make him King because in his own words: “Sin I respect you because no matter what you’ve seen, you still have a heart that’s warm to others and, on the other hand, my heart is as empty as the abyss”.

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