Rise of 'D'


Follow the villain that won . . .

We follow the journey of King Nemesis following the great war that took place 2 years before the main story. Can a villain be a good king, or is he just gonna become another Tyrant?! Read and find out in Rise of The Villian King today!

The Rise of The Villain King

Hanyō Bastard

No One Plays Shooters

New Releases

The Rise of The Villain King: Chapter 1

Nemesis and Noir go out on his day off when an old drunken rival attacks him in an attempt to challen . . .

The Rise of The Villain King:
Chapter 2

The drunken Demon Lord & the Legendary Pervert Phoenix fight against a weakened Nemesis . . .

No one Plays Shooters:
Chapter 1

The new rookie on the street takes a chance of landing a 1-in-a-million hit in an attempt to prove  . . .

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