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Shadow Stygian

Name: Shadow Stygian

Month of Birth: December 08

Race: Artificial Darken

Parents: N/A

Favorite food: She’ll eat everything once you put it in front of her.

Favorite food: Purple.

Hobbies: Though she likes training and practicing with his weapons he loves spending time with the girls.

Dislikes: Holy water, because Sin and Sora once pranked him with it, she says it was like being burnt by the sun.


Shadow was created when Phantom was a aby stuck in the Void, the loneliness awakened Nemesis’s ability splitting apart his soul and putting it into his shadow creating Shadow.

Shadow changes her form often but chooses to take the form of the woman Nemesis loves the most along with looking like a female version of the young Phantom. She spends most of her life with Light and Scream while being separated from her brother, during this time she finds out her connection with Nemesis allows her to gain access to all of Nemesis’s abilities making her as powerful as her brother without any of his curses and weaknesses.

The only thing stopping Shadow from becoming the strongest is that she doesn’t care about being Queen especially since she sees’s nemesis as a brother.  When  Nemesis pitches the Queen’s candidacy She says “ I don’t care much about the world” and gives up her Queen candidacy to Noir as an investment that Noir will keep her entertained. 
One important goal for Shadow is learning to care for others not just Light, Scream, and Her brother.

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