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Noir Volcan

Name: Noir Volcan

Month of Birth: July 12

Race: Peace Forged

Parents:Creator, Ozymandias Volcan

Favorite food: Loves pizza but doesn't like pineapple on her pizza.

Favorite food: Purple, black and blue.

Hobbies: She likes writing letters to the different lords she meets.

Dislikes: Perverts especially Phoenix.


Noir is the youngest member in Nemesis’s faction she was sent to become The Queen of villains but due to her lack of achievements and the lack of followers or confidence Nemesis rejected her but allowed her to prove herself by creating the Queen’s candidate title, to become Queen Noir needs to take the Queen candidacy from all the other Queens. She also gave herself one more condition that she has to unite all the other lords under her rule too. For as nemesis one said to be at the top you must rule over all.

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  1. She looks adorable

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