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Nemesis Stygian

Name: Nemesis Danny Stygian

Month of Birth: 08/12

Race: Nemesis is the last of two races Dark Elf and Abyssal.

Parents: Mother Nevermore, The Great Witch of Discord & Father Hades, The King of the Abyss.

Favorite food:Medium rare cowboy steak with a side of fries.

Favourite Colour: Purple. Hobbies: Though he likes training and practicing with his weapons he loves spending time with the girls.

Dislikes: Holy water, because Sin and Sora once pranked him with it, he says it was like being burnt by the sun.


Nemesis was born in the abyss and was cursed at birth with the ability to revive when he dies, but he loses the abilities he had once revived. His first life is Phantom which he spent with Scream and Light at the age of 8, however; he ended up dying when his father tried to take his body. Light was then forced to kill him using the Phantom Slayer. During the battle, Light lost his arm and Phantom gave up his arm to Light before he died.

Upon his death, Nevermore came and took Phantom telling him his true name was Stygian, as he was named after his father. During this time Stygian was taught all the magic his mother knew. After his training, Stygain went to see Light, and then they started travelling together again but due to the different personalities of both Phantom and Stygian, they didn’t get along well.

In the end, they fought against The Unsealing of the Evil One but the evil one released an attack so Stygian teleported both Scream and Light away and contained the blast dying his way.

At the age of 14  Danny was created by Sigma as her little brother during the time he was experimented on and was given the fruit of the mana tree allowing him to use mana, he created a technique called Mana armour. He joined the legacy group, falling in love with the General’s daughter Raven he was Danny for 4 years and at the age of 18 he was killed in a battle by Raven, Light, Scott, Ven, and Veda. Danny holding back at Raven when he sensed something inside her, dying in her arms.

2 years later at 19, Sin, sora, holy pawn, and Victoria found the lab Sigma held him in. They all battled and Nemesis was defeated but they all agreed to work together during this time nemesis became the leader of the lords, and started the revolt against the humans, he fell in love with the goddess Scarlett, raised an undead army and died, whipping out a massive portion of the human army but due to his battle with Sora nemesis couldn’t revive and ended up staying dead.

The unknown – he was from a future where Sora became the king of death and destroyed most of all life on Gia. The unknown came back as a villain to help push the Lords to grow stronger than ever. His last action was to pass on his skill and power to the next and last life allowing King Nemesis to be born.

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